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Metabo Li-HD Batteries

03 April 2018

Author: Nick Mole 

Why Metabo LiHD Cordless Tools are a viable alternative to Corded


Since the introduction of the revolutionary Metabo LiHD batteries, Metabo are continuing to follow their vision of a cordless construction site, striving to deliver a cord free safer working environment, and giving users ever more freedom. Over the past few years Metabo has been at the forefront in cordless development. They were the first cordless power tool manufacturer to launch a 4.0Ah then 5.0Ah battery packs, and more recently were the first to move to LiHD cells. The new LiHD batteries offer greater flexibility, reliability and performance, currently making Metabo the only manufacturer of 18V cordless tools to cover an entire performance range of tools, from 400 to 2,400 Watt.


According to the Health & Safety Executive, injuries caused by trips in the workplace are common and are often caused by obstructions of some sort in or across walkways and working areas. In the past, obstacles such has trailing leads and air lines needed for the use of power tools, have been a major source of the problem. However, trying to find an alternative to mains tools which deliver similar levels of performance, safety and reliability has proven difficult… That is until now. Metabo LiHD cordless tools are now capable of tackling industrial tasks not possible with traditional 18V technology, the new Metabo LiHD cordless brushless grinders have even shown to outperform some competitors’ corded options.

Many other manufactures of cordless tools are still using the most common 18650 li-ion cells. These cells are designed to produce 3.6V from a cell measuring 18mm diameter x 65mm length. Alongside Panasonic/Sanyo, Metabo have focused their efforts on a new cell standard, the 20700. With the same 3.6V output these cells measure 20mm diameter x 70mm long, which in conjunction with the more active material in the cells gives up to 30% greater storage capacity from a very similar size package. The revolutionary LiHD batteries also have a completely new electromechanical design with significantly stronger conductors which ensure they deliver the additional increase in power to the cordless tool. This helps permit a significant increase in the accessible power output, resulting in more usable energy for the user, offering increased run times.

With 100% longer run time and 67% more power compared to that of the traditional 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery, Metabo’s new LiHD 7.0 Ah battery pack is ideally suited for the high demands of today’s growing industrial cordless market and is allowing Metabo cordless tools to undertake some of the applications that traditionally could only be achieved with corded tools. Accompanying the 7.0 Ah battery pack Metabo have also introduced the slim and light weight 3.5 Ah battery pack.Thanks to the LiHD optimisation, this battery offers greater runtimes than most of its competitors full sized 4.0 Ah, but without the additional size restriction and weight.

In 1990 Metabo introduced the first ever 10-minute charger, they have remained at the forefront of battery charging technology, with the patented "AIR COOLED" charger function. To ensure optimum charging, at the start of the charging process the battery packs are gently cooled by the charger until it’s reached the required optimum charging temperature, this is then constantly maintained during the whole charging process. This method of charging means that battery charging times have been reduced by up to 30%, plus delivering significantly longer service life to the batteries. The Metabo ASC Ultra charger can considerably shorten a battery packs charging times, typically a flat 18V/6.2Ah battery pack will be fully charged and ready for use again in around 60 minutes.

Since 2009, Metabo have maintained the same battery platform which means whilst the battery technology has advanced, it has remained 100% compatible between all battery packs, chargers and machines. Metabo users have been able to upgrade easily to the latest technology and developments, whilst other manufacturers systems have changed resulting in the replacement of the entire collection of battery packs and chargers.

When it comes to selecting the right cordless platform, the wrong decision could have a long-term lasting effect. Metabo produce many corded power tools, where it is technically sensible and feasible, now most of these tools are also available in an Ultra-M technology cordless version, fulfilling the user’s highest expectations in terms of performance, safety, quality and reliability. The Metabo Pick N Mix system with 80 plus tools available, means you can choose your charger type, battery type and the body only tools to suit our various applications ensuring greater flexibility.

So why not decide on a uniformed system, the Metabo Ultra-M technology platform faces the challenges of the future with ease, right from your very first purchase.


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