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The Q Start Function

The Q Start (Quick Start) function facilitates joining of the parts in the initial stage of the welding process.
 The Q-START (Quick Start) function makes it possible to minimise sheet tacking. A series of adjustable duration pulses creates a movement of molten material between the two edges in order to accelerate the join. This function is invaluable in the case of seams with slight openings or with irregular preparation.
The alternation of high and low current pulses constantly changes the electric arc geometry from wide to narrow. Movement of the molten material, which, follows the arc geometry, is such that the two molten edges are rapidly brought into contact.
The duration of the series of pulses can be adjusted, (from 0.1 to 10seconds) depending on the thickness and shape.



Q-START results consist in a more rapid start of the welding process.

When it is used for the tacking, it is possible to obtain very clear spots without any oxidation stains.




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