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The Q-Spot

 The Q-Spot (Quick-Spot) function makes it possible to minimise tacking times for light gauge sheet metal.

The new Q-Spot function greatly facilitates the spot welding process:

It allows precise positioning of the electrode in the point to be joined (at the closest possible distance); the electrode is conveniently placed on the fixing point so the operator can perfectly control the entire cycle.

Once the electrode is lifted the machine emits a welding current pulse with a present time. This means that the sheet metal edges are instantly joined with the minimum heat transfer.

The risk of contamination of the joint and the electrode falls significantly.


Q-Spot Steps



Q-Spot Applications

  Pipe weld application.
  Butt-weld - 0.6mm 5/4 x 2mm
  Fillet - 0.6mm


Suggested Parameters


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