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The UK’S best value and brightest site lighting range has been expanded!

Site lighting has evolved at a great pace over the last few years, with new lighting technology and a drive for greater energy efficiency.

The traditional halogen lights have now been banned from most sites in the UK. The intense heat of the halogen site light, which can reach temperatures of over 600°C, can easily cause fires or serious burns, not to mention very high energy consumption, poor light efficiency and constant changing of bulbs. Until recently, the alternative fluorescent and LED options have simply not featured the same intensity of brightness that a 500 watt halogen lamp generates….. step forward the latest Maxitek extremeLED range of site work lights with unprecedented lumens of light and incredible light and energy efficiency.

With the evolution of Site LED Work Lights, the days of flimsy, rickety and dangerous halogen lights or fluorescent work lights with defunct bulbs, and throwing them away at the end of the job, have gone. The introduction of the latest technology Maxitek LED range has provided a quality and maintenance-free solution to on-site lighting requirements. New products have been added to the Maxitek Site Lighting range this year, including a rechargeable work lamp which also chargers your phone!

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