Optrel E3000 PAPR c/w E684 Auto Darkening Head Shield

Optrel E3000 PAPR c/w E684 Auto Darkening Head Shield
Optrel E3000 PAPR c/w E684 Auto Darkening Head Shield4550200GOPT4550200GOPT4550200GOPT

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Optrel E3000 PAPR c/w E684 Auto Darkening Head Shield
Optrel E3000 PAPR c/w E684 Auto Darkening Head Shield
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Special Offer: TradeUP your old welding helmet and receive £200 off the Optrel E684 & E3000 PAPR. Also receive free of charge the Optrel Helmet and PAPR System Storage Bags  (worth £42.44+vat) - while stocks last! Use promo code TU200  at checkout.  

When encountering harsh ambient conditions with smoke dust and vapour, a highly efficient powered air respiratory system is indispensable in order to keep the welder healthy. The E3000 & E684 offers protection classification to TH3P (protection inward leakage of only 0.2% maximum) according to EN 12941 European Standard, providing optimal safety, with maximum comfort making welding processes even more productive and cost-efficient.


The E3000  & E684 combination offers maximum comfort with three main characteristics. Firstly the adjustable air flow rates from 150 to 250 nl/min. with constant flow thanks to smart sensor-controlled electronics, this results in the best possible comfort for the welder causing less operator fatigue, a major factor of reduced production. Secondly the high flow rate of 250l/min. offers the benefit of high comfort level, even at ambient high-temperature conditions. Thirdly the sophisticated inner mask on the E684 helmet, evenly distributes the air flow to ensure the most convenient cooling effect for the mouth and forehead. The variable adjustment of the air flow allows for up to 20% of the air distribution in the E684 helmet to go on the forehead area, another significant contributor to the maximum comfort and reduce fatigue.

Efficient battery management provides operating times up to 20 hours continuous welding process, covering up to two shifts without interruptions, more effective working time for the welder.

Optimised operating costs with the filter system consisting of a pre-filter and a particle filter. The big surface area of the particle filter slows down the clogging of the filter. This characteristic as well as the smart concept of filter replacement supports the user to optimise the total cost of ownership. The E3000 also as no filter” detection unlike other PAPR systems available, if the E3000 detects when the main filter is missing it will stop working for enhanced safety.

E684 Features:

The adaptive shade level control automatically adjusts to the perfect shade level between SL 5 - 13. An additional sensor measures the arc intensity, which makes this autopilot function work. Therefore you always keep control of the appropriate trajectory regardless of which actual welding parameter is set. This allows you to stay focused on what really matters, your welding process!

Keep cool even when the heat is on, by reflecting light and heat away from the helmet, the E684’s special silver coating keeps the welder’s head cooler by 23% compared to other unpainted helmets. In extreme environments, welders can work longer and be more comfortable for longer periods.

Superior viewing at every angle, like viewing a high definition television, the Optrel E684’s special HD lens provides a true colour view for the welder. Its class 1 angular dependency allows welders to see the clearest, crispest view possible, enabling welders to concentrate more accurately on the weld pool, to help ensure a more precise welds every time, reducing the possibility of weld impurities.
Ground-breaking technology helps to eliminate eye fatigue automatically. Unlike other ADF lenses that rapidly return to light after the welding process is complete, the Optrel E684 offers Twilight ADF Technology which restores light more naturally, this presents a smooth transition for the welders eyes. This exclusive technology reduces eye fatigue on welders who are continuously welding, enabling them to work longer and safer.

Thanks to the smoke and particle-deflecting helmet shell design, the E684 helmets can comfortably be used for overhead welding applications, unlike other welding helmets on the market that can be affected during this process.

If several welders are working in a room or in close proximity to one another, sometimes the ADF responds too soon or not at all to the flash because the pre-set sensor sensitivity is not right for the working environment conditions. Continuously variable sensitivity control allows the sensor sensitivity to be adapted to the surroundings and workplace. This function can also be used if welding at low amperages and the ADF is not therefore darkening.
The combination of the E684 comfort headband and the ergonomic shape of the helmet shell guarantees an optimum weight distribution for any head shape. The outcome of this is a minimum strain on the neck and shoulders of the helmet wearer as well as a lasting increase of the welder’s efficiency. The headband also has a telescopic mechanism so that the helmet can be individually adjusted to ensure an optimum field of vision.

Grinding mode to prevent automatic darkening during grinding and brazing applications.

Exclusive 3 Years Warranty on all Optrel Welding Helmets excluding Batteries when registered.


Protection Level: TH3P classification (Europe)

Blower Unit all Levels Controlled and Calibrated to Standard Conditions: 20° C and 0 meters above sea level (1013 hPa)

High Quality Ball Bearing Long Life Brushless Motor

Noise Level: Max. 60dB(A)

Alarm Type: Optical and audible alarm for low battery, clogged filter, no filter fitted and low air flow

Battery Li-Ion Rechargeable:  Standard: 14.8V / 2.5Ah
Long-life: 14.8V / 5.0Ah

Battery Weight:  Standard: 420g
Long-life: 565g

Operating Time Level 1 150 nl/min:  Standard Battery: 10h
Long-life Battery: 20h

Operating Time Level 2 200 nl/min:  Standard Battery: 8h
Long-life Battery: 18h

Operating Time Level 3 250 nl/min:  Standard Battery: 6h
Long-life Battery: 14h

Charging time:  Standard Battery: 5h
Long-life Battery: 8h

Hose Length: 1160 mm, elastic up to 1300mm with protective sleeve - Weight: 185 g

Weight: 1195g (excluding battery)

Dimensions (L x W x H): 249 x 213 x 87mm

Certificate CE 1024

2 years from date of sales for manufacturing and material defects, 6 months warranty for battery.

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