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Faster, Longer, Safer Combination

New to the Metal Fabrication Supplies range of abrasives is the latest, innovative no messin’ disc. This disc is a step beyond conventional grinding discs, mop discs, fibre sanding discs and even high-performance flexible abrasives. The disc can be used for edge or butt weld removal, chamfering, deburring and surface grinding on a variety of metals.

The surface finish produced by the disc is clearly superior when compared to that left by a conventional grinding disc or coarser grade fibre disc. The highly aggressive abrasive grains are applied to the backing of the disc at the optimum angle on three individual layers. Each layer is worked through one by one which ensures long service life and increased production through the whole life of the discs.

When compared to traditional grinding discs, this new and innovative product can reduce noise and vibration levels by up to 50%. There is also a reduction in the number of airborne particulates produced by up to 70%. This contributes towards a safer working environment and means it is operator friendly.  

In an in-house test we compared the performance of the no messin’ disc, against one of the market leaders’ flexible high performance abrasive products. Both discs were used alternately for 5 minute intervals by each operator. We used the same Metabo W9-115 Angle Grinder with each disc. After 5 minutes, we weighed the amount of material removed by each disc and recorded the results. The disc was considered life expired when it consistently failed to remove 50% of the material during the first grind period.

After completing the test, the no messin’ disc proved to run 212% longer (3 times longer life) and removed material 101% faster than the market leader’s disc.

How well did the no messin’ disc do compared to one of the market leaders?

Why not enter our October competition and you could be the lucky winner of a Metabo grinder and no messin' combination worth up to £280+vat. 

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took part in our competition. Keep your eye out for future competitions!

Congratulations to Karen Jones at Arcflex Ltd for guessing the nearest time and amount. The disc worked for a total of 2 hours and 5 minutes and removed 1,722 grams of material. 

Try before you buy.  

To ensure we supply you with the correct combination, why not take advantage of an onsite demonstration? This means you can try out all the Metabo Grinder combinations with the no messin’ disc for yourself and see how they perform for your specific application. Fill out your details below and a member of the sales team will get back to you. 

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